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Azure Integration Guide

Vega requires access to your Azure subscriptions to query the Cost and Usage Metric APIs. When you use a 3rd-party software application with your Azure Subscription, you need to create an application registration. This registration is the first step of the process in allowing an Azure Subscription to be imported into the Vega Platform.

Note: the following can be applied at Management Group levels to simplify deployment across large numbers of subscriptions.

New App Registration: Add Vega to Subscription

  • Log into your Azure Portal (
  • Select "Azure Active Directory".
  • Once you're on the Active Directory Screen, select “App Registrations” from the left navigation menu.
  • On the App Registration Screen, click the “+ New registration” on the far left of the top navigation bar. You will have to enter a Name, we suggest “VegaAzureApp”. 
  • Select the Supported account type of “Accounts in the organizational directory only” – single tenant.
  • Next select your Redirect URI, this should be “Single-page application (SPA)” with a URL = "
  • Once all these values are provided, select “Register” and you've finished creating the Vega Azure App.
  • Navigate to the "Certificates and secrets" section of the new app registration. Under "Client secrets" click "+ New client secret"
  • Create a secret with adequate expiry, and then note the secret VALUE (Not the ID) for later steps.

New Custom Role: Give Vega Permissions

(NOTE) It is recommended that you use Management Groups to avoid creating Vega resources for each subscription. Perform the steps below within your Azure Management Group(s), or repeat for each subscription if Management Groups are not available.

Now that we have an application registration, we need to control the amount of access we grant to the application.  We will deploy a custom role to the Management Group, or per subscription if required.

  • From the Azure home screen, search "Management groups" and find your group, otherwise “Subscriptions” and select the subscription being imported if Management Groups are not used.
  • Within Management Group or Subscription, Select “Access control (IAM)" from the left side navigation menu.
  • Select “+ Add” from the top navigation menu and select “Add custom role
  • Once the modal opens, fill in “Basics” tab information.  Create a Custom role name, we recommend “VegaAppAccess
  • Add a Description that helps understand what the role is used for, “Vega Platform Access Role”. For your Baseline permissions, leave “Start from Scratch” selected.
  • Select "Next" to move on to the "Permissions" tab. We will leave this tab as is. Select "Next" to move onto the "Assignable scopes" tab. We will also leave this tab as is. Select "Next" to land on the "JSON" tab and click “Edit” above the field.
  • Copy the JSON provided at the bottom of this page. Paste that info in place of only the bracket pair "[]" on the actions line of the permissions array, generally on line 10. Click "Save", then "Next".
  • On the "Review + create" tab, click "Create" and you have finished creating a custom role.

Assign Custom Role: Give App Registration Permissions

Now that we have both the new App Registration and new Custom Role, we can give the application the subscription access required by the Vega Application.  This is the last step in the import of an Azure Subscription. First thing you have to do is select the Management Group, or alternately the subscription that you are importing.

  • Search "Management groups" and find your group, otherwise select “Subscriptions”, then select the specific subscription being imported. Select “Access control (IAM)" from the left side navigation menu.
  • Select “+ Add” from the top navigation menu, then select “Add role assignment”.
  • Search your role “VegaAppAccess” and highlight it, then click "Next"
  • In the Members section, click "+ Select members" and search "vega" or the name you used. Click the name of the App you created in step 1, and click "Select"
  • Click "Review + assign" to complete the role assignment step.

We will start ingesting your Azure data once you provide Vega the following information:

  • App Registration Name
  • Tenant ID
  • App/Client ID
  • Subscription associated with App Registration
  • Secret Value associated with App Registration
  • List of Azure subscription Names and ID's for all subscriptions


Discovery-Only Role JSON